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The World of Improvised and Home Made Explosives in Today’s Threat Environment

Explosives remain the weapon of choice for terrorists around the world. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are a threat from international terrorist organizations and local, home-grown terrorists as well. Sadly, Home Made Explosives (HMEs) and IEDs have become a fact of modern life. Seen in warring battlefields are now found in urban and suburban settings that are very difficult to predict much less defeat.

Military, law enforcement and intelligence personnel have a dual-role: uncovering the bomb networks and systems before the bombers do harm, and investigating an incident after it occurs. In many cases, detecting just a trace of explosive material can make all the difference. Early detection activities for law enforcement begin with finding clues of manufacturing in obscure environments and many times by non-explosive oriented personnel.

Today there are simple state-of-the art systems that can be utilized with field operation by simple swab collection. Whether be on the inside of a car, kitchen, or storage facility the capability is now there. Such information, particularly in degrading environmental conditions can mean the difference between preemption and post-incident management.

Today the spectrum of law enforcement that must address the increasing usage of explosives to commit acts of terror have included a variety of agencies, federal, state and municipal, that also have greater and greater constraints in budgetary matters, require budget sensitive solutions that not only are limited in cost but also in require inexpensive training. Combat Solutions, LLC offers this.